Why are all the major cities in America mostly Democrat, while the suburbs (and outlying countryside) Conservative?

I was asked this today and I have a very simple answer…..

Because the more people you have, especially in a smaller confined area like a city, the greater the chance of oligarchic collectivism. This puts government more in control, which makes political connections matter more for/than actually getting things done. Decentralizing the population leads to less government control, which means people doing things for themselves and cooperating with neighbors to make things happen rather than sitting back & waiting for some government agency or official to ‘help’. Democrats want government control of most everything, Republicans less so, Libertarians least so. “Major cities” are full of self-aggrandizing big-government advocates who gain power by handing out government goodies (welfare, free health care, free food, etc, etc) to the leeches they call their constituents, at the expense of the taxpayers unfortunate enough to live, work or run businesses within their jurisdiction. Conservatives, for the most part, choose to escape the burden of taxation without representation.