Liberals for years have become more and more radical in their views and have been steadily dragging the republican party leftwards toward Marxist policies, which is why they got handed their pink slips during 2006/2008. McCain, Snowe, Graham, Huckaby and the list goes on.

The biggest shift, especially during the Bush reign, has been the total lack of fiscal conservatism and the renegade move to passionate conservatism (what some like to call ‘moderate’), which is nothing more than (socially) conservative (fiscal) liberalism imo. What’s worse is that bc ‘their’ guy (Buxh) was in office and Republicrats controlled Congress 2000-2006, conservatism, except the fundamentalist mentality, went out the window. So long as they followed the herd disposition and party line, all was fine. Both major political parties do it and in the modern era the blending of both party policies have been blurred to the point of obscurity. There truly isn’t that big of a difference between the two major parties any longer, especially if you examine their actions closely. Take the Obama administration for example. They have accepted, maintained and even expanded upon a majority of Buxh’s mandates and policies. Yet, you rarely see the mainstream media make that case.

This is why it’s a good thing to have checks and balances and not have one party with complete control over the Executive Branch and Legislative Branches of GovCo, like what we are experiencing currently, or during 2000-2006. 1994-2000 were good times, right?

The two-party system is a joke – all sorts of factors have led to the inability of third parties to gain traction, ranging from government laws to corporate media. The extremely restrictive ballot access laws in NC are part of the problem, for example:

Other big issues I have are the allowing of straight-party ticket voting, curbside voting and one-stop voting, especially in NC. This time around it primarily helped elect Democrats, yes, but there was a time not long ago when the tables were turned. An uninformed electorate is the biggest threat to this country and it is quickly becoming the norm by allowing such activities to take place.

11/09 Elections in Charlotte
Curbside Voting – 92% to democrats
One Stop Voting – 60% to democrats
Straight Party Ticket Voting – 57% to democrats

Both of the major political parties advocate straight-ticket voting because it allows them to “hide” unqualified candidates in the hope that party loyalty will sweep their candidates into office. Requiring voters to go race by race through the ballot encourages more thoughtful decisions and, therefore, more responsible choices.

At least 33 states do not permit straight-party voting. Anyone can still vote for candidates of just one party – they just have to vote for them one-by-one, rather than all at once.

After voting in Mecklenburg County and seeing the results here:

It has become quite obvious to me that straight party ticket voting is a problem in this country, particularly in this state, and that this(these) statute(s)/law(s) needs to be changed because of the negative implications on the democratic process.

I’ve been thinking about this since the 2004 election, (when Buxh was swept back into office as a result of these voting policies) and recently decided to make it my ultimate goal to get a ballot referendum that will remove these options from the ballot in NC, hopefully beginning in 2012. Presently, I’m preparing a petition to begin circulation.


Does anyone know what statute/bill allowed straight-party ticket voting in NC? The search function isn’t narrowing my search and is very difficult to navigate. Does anyone know how to a get ballot referendum started and how to obtain widespread circulation of the petition to get the necessary signatures to get it ‘approved’? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


My ideal is to first enact on every politician at every level of GovCo, national/state/local. All restrictive ballot access laws would be abolished and thrown out, as they were created by the two-party system monopoly in the first place to cement their power. Big Media would then be required to allow all front-runners of each major party in each election equal opportunity on the airwaves, as this is something that rarely happens nowadays during televised debates, etc. The Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, Republican Party, Green Party, Democrat Party, and any others you can imagine that garner the most votes, would be granted fair access to both the ballot box and the mainstream news cycle, like the two major political parties currently enjoy.


Now about the supposed majority support for a public option in these so called health care ‘reform'(sic) bills.

Let’s consider the following things (things Obama supporters would rather not think about):

A) The United States is $12 trillion in debt.
B) The dollar has never been weaker – there is talk from other countries of replacing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
C) The United States’ biggest creditors – including China – are expressing enormous concern that we are not serious about paying our debt back, making them less likely to support our currency and deficits.
D) It is well known fact that Medicare and Social Security are going to be broke in a few years and that our current entitlement system (without this new health care plan) will almost surely bankrupt our nation.
E) Federal government’s unfunded liability to Medicare: $73 TRILLION
F) Unfunded liability for prescription drug benefit: $18 TRILLION
G) Unfunded liability for Social Security: $14 TRILLION
H) Unfunded liability for government-run health care (if passed): ????
I) US national debt: $12 TRILLION

Now, with these facts in mind (yes, facts, not opinions), how could anyone support adding an additional multi-trillion dollar entitlement program? Do we not understand the severe ramifications of such a move? Do we not see that we cannot print and borrow money forever?