Herman Cain Answers Media Questions Regarding Sexual Harassment


This story has been going on for well over a week now and is truly beginning to feel like a high-tech lynching. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clarence_Thomas#Anita_Hill_allegations

If this woman, Sharon Bialek, truly experienced some form of sexual harassment and did NOTHING about it for over a decade, she should be ashamed for allowing Cain to escape the scrutiny that would have likely dissuaded him from that type of behavior. If he actually did this to her, she should have proceeded with charges instead of settling for money. Sexual harassment is no joking matter. Yet suddenly, she wants to come “clean”.  Something doesn’t smell clean to me.

Honestly though, it doesn’t take much for someone to cry harassment these days, especially in a formal business environment. For example, if I casually told a female co-worker “You look great in that outfit”, she could have me brought up on sexual harassment. The same holds true if a female co-worker places her hand on a male co-worker’s shoulder and he is uncomfortable about it. It is not really about the actions, but rather how the action makes a person FEEL.

It’s also been my experience that true incidents of harassment get reported immediately, especially if the victim wants results.

Any woman who allows any viable evidence of an offense to disappear with time is making the task of justice more difficult. Some might have a legitimate reason for holding back, but for these specific allegations from these women to resurface at such an opportune moment reeks of political motivation. Had she (and the supposed others) pursued a viable complaint in the past and proven his guilt, we would not be discussing Herman Cain now, would we? So yes, I doubt Sharon Bialek’s (and the others) sincerity.