Semi-Auto Guns On Sale at Gun Shop
Getting tired of the obvious confusion regarding the use of the terms “assault weapon” and “assault rifle”, so I’m going to clear this up right now!

By now I know you’ve heard someone on TV or the radio call a semi-automatic gun a “spray-fire” gun, an “assault weapon” or an “assault rifle”, making it sound like a machine gun the military or police would use. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Semi-automatic” means the gun uses the energy of a fired cartridge to load the next cartridge. A better term for semi-automatic is “autoloader” or “self-loader.” An autoloader will fire only one bullet each time the trigger is pulled. When the bullet is fired the mechanism will then automatically load the next cartridge, but will not fire it until the trigger is pulled again. A machine gun (full-automatic) also automatically loads the next cartridge when one is fired; the difference is that a machine gun will continue to automatically fire bullets as long as the trigger is held in a pulled position.

Assault rifles (the real ones) are select-fire battle rifles available only to military and law enforcement. “Select-fire” means that they can be switched between semi-automatic mode (one shot per trigger pull) and full-automatic (machine gun) or “burst” mode (multiple shots per trigger pull). They are considered to be machine guns by law and are thus illegal for private citizens to own. Non-select-fire cosmetic look-alikes, the so-called “assault weapons” are no different from any other non-select-fire pistol or gun, except in appearance. (Mostly a way to market these look-alike guns to gun enthusiasts.) Because of this understanding, there are generally no state-specific laws (in most of the South anyway) governing “assault weapons.”

“Spray-fire”, “Assault Rifle” and “Assault Weapon” are generally not technical terms used for civilian guns. They are made-up phrases created mostly by anti-gun organizations and news agencies to frighten people who are ignorant of how guns operate. Anti-gun organizations and mainstream news agencies use this language consistenly when referring to semi-automatic firearms. This language conjures up the image of a machine gun, which makes it easier for the anti-gun organizations to gain support for bans and restrictions on semi-automatic firearms.

Please ask me any questions in the comments and please share this across your network so that people can finally understand the TRUTH.