Amanda Collins at HB 1226 Hearing in Colorado

“We are not here to talk about you protecting yourself, we are here so students and teachers don’t ‘feel’ uncomfortable.” This is the dumbest argument I have ever heard for strict gun control.

Disgusted and astonished that this actually came out of this Colorado legislators mouth; any legislator for that matter. A Karl Rove Clone republican, no less.

So logically these morons believe it is better to protect the FEELINGS of students and teachers rather than allow a woman her BORN right to protect herself from being brutally raped for six hours. Liberal minds apparently would much rather the victim be raped, mutilated and/or murdered to further their (statistical propaganda) agenda than for the person to actually defend themselves.

My right to defend myself doesn’t depend on people having a warm fuzzy feeling about it. I don’t care if others are uncomfortable, I don’t care if other people are uneasy. My born right to defend myself IS MY right, not a collective right. The collective liberal scaremongers can endure violence if they want, but I will not.

On a side note, I can guarantee you that no one “wrestles a gun away from you”. 99 out of 100 times when you point a gun at someone they will immediately set a land speed record to get away from you. No one reaches for or runs at someone with a gun, unless they are completely stupid.

Welcome to the REAL War on Women.