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Why are all the major cities in America mostly Democrat, while the suburbs (and outlying countryside) Conservative? I was asked this today and I have a very simple answer….. Because the more people you have, especially in a smaller confined area like a city, the greater the chance of oligarchic collectivism. This puts government more […]

Violence by Any Other Name…

Posted: 27th August 2009 by AUDIOMIND in Random
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Whenever I speak of forcible resistance against “government,” some people respond with things like, “How can you be for violence?” And almost everyone who says that is both delusional and hypocritical. I admit, compared to almost everyone else, my political views are very extreme. For example, I don’t advocate that anyone ever be forced to […]

$69 Billion: The amount of new disposable income President Bush’s tax cuts provided to American households in 2002. 35-40 Percent: The average portion of their earnings Americans pay out each year in taxes. $1,040: The average tax increase if President Bush’s tax cuts expire. 104 Million: The number of Americans who will be hit with […]