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How to Create a Google+ Page For Your Brand Or Business

Google recently announced the launch of Google+ Pages, pages that allow users to create branded pages for businesses, artists, designers, bands and just about anything on Google+. With almost 50 million members, you should set up your Google+ Page as soon as possible. You can find a comprehensive list of big brands on Google+ in this article on allfacebook.com. You will need a Google+ profile to create a Page.

Insert Audiomind to help with this quick and easy guide on how to create a Google+ Page for your business.

1. Create Your Google+ Brand/Business Page

First thing you need to do is sign in to a Google account and input this link here:


Google+ Business Signup Page












Click on the “Create your Google+ Page” button as demonstrated in the image above.

2. Pick a Category For Your Google+ Page

Now select a category that your business or brand can be classified as. The list of specific categories is long, so look over the options and select the best category that fits your page.

Google+ Pick A Category Page










The categories include:

Local Business or Place

Suitable for: hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services. Hotels,
restaurants, places, services. Requires the primary phone number of the local business, so it can be located on Google Places.

Product or Brand

Suitable for: apparel, cars, electronics and financial services. Requires the selection of a secondary category.

Example secondary categories includes; Appliances, Arts and Entertainment, Auto, Baby and Kids, Public Figure, Fashion and Beauty, Computers and Hardware, Website and Media

Company, Institution or Organization

Suitable for: companies, institutions, organizations or non-profits. Also requires the selection of a secondary category.

Example secondary categories include; Banks and Financial, Education and Schools, Media, News and Publishing and Political Organizations.

Arts, Entertainments or Sports

Suitable for: films, TV, music, books, sports and shows. Also requires the selection of a secondary category.

Example secondary categories include; Album, Award Show, Blog, Book, Band, Concert Tour, Festival, Fictional Character, Radio Station, Record, Label and TV Channel


Suitable if your business doesn’t fit into any other category above.

Once you select your category you will be prompted to fill out your page name and website. Also select who your content will be age appropriate for, agree to page terms and hit ‘Create’.

Age options include: Any Google+ user, Users 18 and older, Users 21 and older and Alcohol related.

Google + Category Page for Audiomind











3. Add Information to Customize Your Google+ Page

Now you will begin customizing your page’s public profile on Google+. The profile basics include your tagline (Your Page’s “Sales Pitch”) and a base profile image or logo. You have just 10 words to summarize your brand, make it count!

Customize Your Google Page Profile












4. Profile Photo/Logo of Your Google+ Page

The image you upload will be square, and can be cropped after you upload it and appears to be about the same dimensions as the personal profile image. Click “Set As Profile Photo”.

Google+ Page Photo

Google+ Page Profile Information Complete




















5. Spread The Word About Your Google+ Brand Page

You’ve created the foundation of your Google+ page and you will now be prompted to promote your page. I suggest you optimize your page even further and add a few updates before exposing your page to the masses. A blank page won’t convince many folks that your Google+ Page is interesting enough to add to their Circles. Take note that the message you send here will come from your own profile, not from the Google+ Page you just created.

Get the Word Out About Your Google+ Page










6. Congratulations On Your New Google+ Brand Page

On your welcome page, Google+ will generate a link to your page (sadly not a vanity URL, YET).  You will be given a Google+ Page Link with a string of random characters, much like what I have: https://plus.google.com/116724364506489695335 Optimize your Google+ business page and make it more engaging by “starting the conversation“.  Click “Post On Your Page” and you can begin regularly sharing content and speaking to your fans.

Congratulations on your new google+ page












From here you’re ready to go with your brand new Google+ business page.

Your New Google+ Brand Page is Ready For Action










7. Edit and Add Information To Your New Google+ Page

Edit your Google+ page profile by adding an”introduction“, “contact info” and ” website“, as well as photos. Under your Google+ Page’s name is a drop down menu that has now appeared. You can switch back and forth from your regular Google+ profile to your Google+ Page any time. The same menu will be on your Google+ profile showing the pages you’ve created with that account.

There are some differences between Google+ Pages and Google+ Profiles to remember:

  • You cannot add people to circles until that person had added the Page or + mentioned it.
  • You cannot +1 posts on Google+ or on the web.
  • Defaults to public privacy settings.
  • You will not receive notifications.

Your Google+ profile is now also the administrator of your new Google+ Page and unfortunately you cannot currently add more administrators to a page. Direct your mouse on over to the link on the left under your page name and click “manage your pages” and click the blue ‘edit profile’ button.

Manage Your Google+ Page


Google+ Edit Page Profile
















8. Google+ Direct Connect And Your Website

Install a snippet of code to your website and it will be eligible for Google+ Direct Connect. Connecting your website to your Google+ page helps you connect with friends, customers and fans. The Google+ badge will allow visitors to directly connect with and promote your brand on Google+. And once you’ve connected your website to your Google+ page, add a Google+ badge to help visitors find and engage with you on Google+.

To begin, click on the “Get started” link on the left side of your Google+ brand page profile and go to the “Connect your website” section and fill out the pertinent information.

9. Have Fun!

Audiomind's Google Plus Brand Page










Hopefully this guide helped you create an awesome Google+ Brand/Business page.

Please leave a comment, especially if you have any questions!

How To Create Backgrounds for the New Twitter

Twitter Front Page

Twitter recently updated the Twitter.com user interface, which dramatically changed the appearance of Twitter profiles.  The new Twitter.com now offers an enhanced user experience over their current interface. Nevertheless, the new interface comes with a hitch; (branded) background images and information are now sharply limited. This is because the new Twitter.com platform utilizes more of your computer screen than it did before, to accommodate for its updated features.

Twitter backgrounds are valuable and offer a unique way to incorporate your creative prowess and branding. Previously the vacant left hand margin of the Twitter background proved to be a popular area in which to share additional information about yourself using a customized Twitter background. Since the vast majority of viewers use a screen resolution (width) of 1024 or 1280, most old Twitter backgrounds will now look less professional on the New Twitter.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the New Twitter user interface is that there is far less available space in the margins. The left margin has been reduced considerably leaving only 110 or less pixels in each margin on a 1024 or 1280 display, which means it’s time for some innovative background redesigns. Though the overall width of the sidebar and Twitter.com website has been expanded to make room for more relevant information, only at higher resolutions will more than 40 pixels appear along the left side margin.

1024 x 768
At a 1024×768 screen resolution you have a minimal area to place any background images and information. You have about 40 free pixels on the left side margin, only 30 pixels on the right side, and a meager 21 pixels on the top margin, just right above your profile picture. The right panel area has a subtle 75% opacity you can experiment with though.

1280 x 1024
The next resolution, in terms of the number of people who make use of it on their computer screens, is 1280×1024. At 1280×1024, you have a total of 105 pixels on the left side margin, approximately 103 pixels on the right side margin and still only 21 pixels for the top margin. The Twitter user interface is much more proportioned at this resolution and I recommend it to most folks.

The new larger avatar (profile picture) is a welcome change to the previous one, so I deleted most of the images from my original background. No need for redundant images afterall. You can view my original Twitter background below:


Fortunately, you’ll notice that on the new Twitter profile interface that the right side region is slightly transparent, which is useful because we can now use that transparent area of our profile to our advantage.

Here’s my new background on the new Twitter:

At 1024×768 (Click Image to See Larger Size)

AUDIOMIND on Twitter1024x768

At 1280×800 (Click Image to See Larger Size)

AUDIOMIND on Twitter1280x800

At 1280×1024 (Click Image to See Larger Size)

AUDIOMIND on Twitter1280x1024

You no doubt observed how I added a few social networking url’s along with a few social network icons (that are unfortunately only visible when viewing my Twitter profile using a 1024×768 screen resolution) in the right side panel. This transparency apparently works only in Firefox, Safari and Chrome but not Internet Explorer, but I haven’t tested it in IE9.

Nonetheless, for easy customization of your Twitter profile, there’s no need for you to be a designer, as there are numerous websites that offer options to create personalized Twitter backgrounds. Here are few of them, which I hope will help you create a personalized Twitter profile.

It provides both free and paid service for customizing your Twitter background. You can download free templates or add your image, text, URL, badge etc.

Twitter images offers a lot of attractive Twitter backgrounds which you can customize according to your wishes and upload it to your Twitter profile. There are varieties of categories available like 3D, abstract, vehicles, fantasy, etc.

This is free service which you can use for customizing your profile by adding images, text and url’s. You can even use a self portrait as a Twitter background. There are more than 80 templates available to choose from or you can also create your own.

This service allows you to generate custom backgrounds according to your specific requirements. It provides you an easy way to add information about yourself and customize the colors, image or background of Twitter. This web tool is free to use.

Free Twitter Designer is a free and easy to use web app to create a customized Twitter background. You can add your own creative image or choose one from the given template and you can also add text, icons etc. to give personal touch to your Twitter background.

TweetyGotBack has an amazing collection of Twitter backgrounds. You just need to login into Twitter, select the background from given attractive templates and then apply it to your Twitter profile. It is fast and easy to use but it doesn’t add your image or name in your Twitter profile.

Hopefully this post has helped you recognize the adjustments you’ll need to make between the old and the new Twitter.com user interfaces, particularly the new background dimensions. As an added bonus I’ve provided you 5 custom .PSD Twitter templates (for download below) to help you create your new Twitter background. Enjoy and share this post and templates with your colleagues. Further, if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below.