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Violence by Any Other Name…

Posted: 27th August 2009 by AUDIOMIND in Random
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Whenever I speak of forcible resistance against “government,” some people respond with things like, “How can you be for violence?” And almost everyone who says that is both delusional and hypocritical. I admit, compared to almost everyone else, my political views are very extreme. For example, I don’t advocate that anyone ever be forced to […]

$69 Billion: The amount of new disposable income President Bush’s tax cuts provided to American households in 2002. 35-40 Percent: The average portion of their earnings Americans pay out each year in taxes. $1,040: The average tax increase if President Bush’s tax cuts expire. 104 Million: The number of Americans who will be hit with […]

Since the dawn of humanity, philosophers, scientists, and puppeteers alike have been asking the same penetrating questions: Do we have free will? Do we actually make choices on our own, or is our behavior determined by powerful forces from our environment such as nagging guardians, instructors, our outlook calendar, or the snarling pit bull next […]