$69 Billion: The amount of new disposable income President Bush’s tax cuts provided to American households in 2002.

35-40 Percent: The average portion of their earnings Americans pay out each year in taxes.

$1,040: The average tax increase if President Bush’s tax cuts expire.

104 Million: The number of Americans who will be hit with tax increases if President Bush’s tax cuts expire.

$350 Billion: The amount of tax relief already promised to the American people that Ted Kennedy alone wants to revoke. Instead of going back to taxpayers, this money will be poured into new Big Government spending sprees such as government-run medicine and new welfare handouts. Hillary Clinton and others are also pushing to defeat President Bush’s new proposed tax cuts.

25 Percent: The number of small businesses — one out of every four — that will be forced out of business if the Death Tax is reinstated. Remember: The Death Tax is the leading cause of the termination of successful small businesses in America.

$1,928: The tax hike faced by a family of four making $46,756 if President Bush’s cuts in income tax rates are not made permanent.

43 Percent: The percentage of married couples affected by the Marriage Penalty before it was reduced by President Bush. These families will be hit hard once again if the Marriage Penalty is reinstated.

$1,480: The average penalty in 2000 for couples punished by the Marriage Penalty.

13 Million: The number of American seniors who will see their taxes reduced by an average of $920 if President Bush’s tax cuts are made permanent