You lie! to President Obama. Rep. Joe Wilson R-(SC)

But how quickly liberals and Democrats have forgotten….

In 2004, Democrats delivered a “Chorus Of Boos” during Bush’s Bush’s State Of The Union when he called for renewal of the Patriot Act., according to the Washington Times.

In 2005, Dems howled, hissed and shouted “No!” when Bush pushed for Social Security reform in the SOU: “Foreshadowing the contentiousness of the coming debate, Democrats broke decorum and booed twice,” according to the National Journal. (Cannot locate the Youtube video of it.)

Democrats Boo Bush During 2005 State of the Union Speech

More double standards from the two party duopoly?

The curious thing about this whole debate is that Joe Wilson is right and Obama really is ‘lying’ when he says that illegals won’t get coverage. Even though there is a stipulation in the bill to deny illegals access to the GovCo public option, there are absolutely no enforcement mechanisms in place.

The Congressional Research Office did a report that verifies that Obama is fudging the truth, but still falsehoods and rumors are rampant on the internet.

Treatment of Noncitizens in H.R. 3200

Excerpts from the CRS report are here, here, and here. From the last:

“H.R. 3200 does not contain any restrictions on noncitizens – whether legally or illegally present, or in the United States temporarily or permanently – participating in the Exchange.” H.R. 3200 establishes a Health Insurance Exchange which would provide individuals and small businesses with access to health care plans, including the “public option” to be managed by the government.

CRS also confirms FAIR’s assessment that the House bill does not include a mechanism to prevent illegal aliens from receiving “affordability credits” that would subsidize the purchase of private health insurance. CRS specifically noted the absence “of a provision in the bill specifying the verification procedure.” Because the language is ambiguous, all CRS could reasonably conclude is that any eligibility determination would be the responsibility of the Health Choices Commissioner.

And, from the first and second links, the CRS report says:

“There could be instances where some family members would meet the definition of an eligible individual for purposes of the credit, while other family members would not. For example, in a family consisting of a U.S. citizen married to an unauthorized alien and a U.S. citizen child, the U.S. citizen spouse and child could meet the criteria for being a credit-eligible individual, while the unauthorized alien spouse would not meet the criteria. H.R. 3200 does not expressly address how such a situation would be treated. Therefore, it appears that the Health Choices Commissioner would be responsible for determining how the credits would be administered in the case of mixed-status families.”