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Now that the North Carolina Senate has sent a clear signal that it opposes both Medicaid expansion and a state-based health exchange, the state capital is abuzz with complaints and speculations. Are Senate leader Phil Berger and his colleagues trying to establish their supremacy over the McCrory administration? Are they trying to use state action […]

Considering the sweeping nature of this so called ‘reform’, it is worthwhile to take a comprehensive look at the freedoms we will lose with the passage of this terrible bill. Of course, the overhaul is supposed to provide us with security. But it will result in skyrocketing insurance costs and physicians leaving the field in […]

Clark Howard, a consumer advocate who regularly appears on TV/Radio/etc, got it absolutely right when he delivered his own health care reform ‘speech’. This reform must be consumer driven, with the emphasis placed on the individual taking responsibility for their own health care! “Madam Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress and the most […]