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Culture is the consequence of countless interactions of individuals who are not fully aware of how their activities affect society. Culture facilitates social coordination by means of (often unspoken) cultural “rules” that create rational expectations about human behavior. If enough people continue to adopt rules and values that are inconsistent with the requirements for individual […]

Welcome to a new world order where corporations help shape and create tyrannical policy, having GovCo be the copyright police for them. If anyone has any doubt that corruption has reached new heights, they need look no further…. Secret(sic) Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement Document

Disproving The Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) Problem Leonard Weinstein, ScD April 25, 2009 A theory has been proposed that human activity over about the last 150 years has caused a significant rise in Earth’s average temperature. The mechanism claimed is based on an increased greenhouse effect caused by anthropogenic increases in CO2 from burning of […]