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In response to four years of massive federal deficits, tax cuts scheduled to expire this month, and lackluster economic growth, the brilliant Barack Obama and the equally brilliant (except in the president’s mind) leaders of Congress managed to make a last-minute deal that added to the federal deficit, allowed the tax burden to rise on […]

Taxes, debt, spending, bankruptcy, high unemployment — these are some of the top problems the United States faces. Are there easy solutions? No. But are there solutions that make common sense, which can be considered “fair” by a sizable number of people, and which could be implemented in an acceptable way to various interest groups? […]

I debate and have wide-ranging discussions with friends and associates, of all political persuasions, about the tea party movement. The press almost universally has denigrated the entire movement. As someone who feels somewhat philosophically aligned with it, allow me to try to explain what, in my view, the “tea party” is really all about. First […]