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Greetings and welcome friends, artists, photographers, nerds, gear whores and electronic dance music enthusiasts. A Break Apart is easing its way into worldwide distribution in an effort to conquer your media space. Here you can check out what A Break Apart has to offer the proverbial scene, your business, your ears and your eyes. We are working towards showcasing a social network (and other tech elements) geared towards the graphic arts, photography, electronic dance music and all that is intertwined within that creative sphere. Enjoy some original music, live and prerecorded mixsets by members of A Break Apart,  current world/national/local news,  a sample database, Christophe Cash’s photography and portfolio, download arena for mixes and tracks, my blog and some nearly liberated ruminations.

We hope you enjoy this site while we continue to program and consistently create new content, so please bookmark. In the meantime poke around and have fun. Thanks for your support and your business! Cheers.