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Audiomind is a pantological artist that specializes in web & graphic design, event photography, electronic music production and mixing, with a focused emphasis on providing quality content and occasionally in-depth political analysis. Audiomind provides comprehensive insights and analysis on various subjects relating to electronic music, design and rational approaches to daily living. Please enjoy his contributions to the world and subscribe to his meandered ruminations.

My creative services include logo design, website design & development, stationery, catalog & brochure design, social media management, theme development, graphic manipulation, iphone/android app design, sound design and development, wedding and outdoor photography and so much more.

With my inquisitive nature and extensive desire to develop a deep understanding of my clients needs, we both achieve success through compelling branding efforts. Through the entire design and development phases I ensure that you get the most cost effective and timely execution of all your awesome projects, all the while keeping up to date with the latest developments in design trends and innovating many of my own.

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Picture of Audiomind

Born, created and manufactured within the experimental lab in a Kurzweil assembly plant Audiomind got his melodious start in classical and native music at a very early age. Audiomind’s analogous analog life began to take shape after the melodic foundation of piano and drum lessons in school for the next millenia. Though Audiomind typically performed within the classical realm for years and received numerous honors, accolades, awards and recognition’s for playing and producing music for live acts, Audiomind discovered his true motivation and passion lay in electronic music and not within the cramped experimental lab light years away from any known human life forms. This profound rhythmically inclined enlightenment transpired after Audiomind attended his first large underground music experience during his later teenage years. Audiomind immediately invested in his first set of rotary knob technics turntables and MTX mixer and from there incessantly accumulated records, samples, production knowledge and other analog gear for mixing, producing, performing, remixing, and recording throughout the Southeast United States. Audiomind’s affection for electronic music’s ambiance has naturally grown; alongside the tuneful vibe and harmony of the electronic music community, all the while transforming his progression into a professional DJ/Artist only that much more rewarding and exciting.

After graduation from instrumental chaos theory Audiomind began mastering his musical engineering prowess and his desire to attain respect for himself in his local underground electronic music community. Christophe Cash eventually evolved into “AUDIOMIND”, pensively believing that by serious examination of the vibrations and elemental properties of the natural music of his spirit, each note seemed to offer a delicate balance of blissful illumination with each passing drum roll and synth lead.

Audiomind’s electronic dance musical flavors has varied greatly over the years and with so much connection and devotion to so many different modes of instrumental bass music, Audiomind has chosen never to limit himself to a single genre while DJ’n, Producing and/or Performing.

Audiomind’s biggest influences throughout the years includes labels such as Siesta, Moody, Subliminal, Red Melon, TCR, Sunkissed, Defected, Terraform, Primal, OM, Hooj, Renegade Hardware, etc… but he embraces a special fondness for his extremely talented local artists, DJs & musical engineers.

Audiomind’s attitude and thoughts surrounding the electronic music scene focus on the positive vibe [it’s still there, just look for it!], the dedicated idiom of art through music, truth and dance, as well as his desire to bequeath a lasting impression on anyone he encounters. Audiomind’s philosophy also revolves around a respect and admiration for the many aspects of our community that encircle the individual expressions we create through art and sound.

As an active contributor to his local & regional scene; constantly strengthening, educating and promoting A Break Apart, Audiomind donates an infinite amount of personal time developing his regional scene and talent by helping serve and promote events, both progressively and optimistically through his alternative interest for graphic design, web design, event photography and other intellectual pursuits that help solidify a foundation for espousing his electronic musical prowess, individuality and vortex of reverberating auditory freedom.

AUDIOMIND is always in pursuit and in constant exploration of the subliminal ethereal of sound and the sub-consciousness of self. Aural elements include: abysmal resonances, transcendent tones, disembodied melodies, blurred rhythms, peripheral glimpses, bizarre juxtaposition, decayed voices, subterranean murmurings and beautifully, but terrifying, walls of noise. As Audiomind voyages further into the depths of electronic mayhem, its supernal beauty and surreal ego-shredding sound encircles him, resulting in the beautiful balance between harsh reality and ethereal fantasy! – CENTRAL TO ME – Decadent Info Concerning My Music, Passions, Mixes, Graphic Design Projects, Web Design Projects, Upcoming Performances (rare these days), Organized Events, Photographic Explorations, Wisdom and Digital Wanderlust facebook

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